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"Wear what you fear." COVID-19 FASHION Design---ILLED CYCLOPS

Updated: May 1, 2020

Full presentation link:

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Life pre-virus meant grabbing coffee with friends and complaining about the bizarre first date you had with a skater, or dance till dawn where your body fluid would magically alchemize into vodka soda.

Those simple pleasures in life have been long gone. Nine out of Ten IG influencer are beginning to promote their stay-at-home outfit, which is a set of "really exciting" - Grayscale sweatpants set.

I can't help but wondering what Fashion will be like? There was an article in the New York Times that shows "How the Virus Transformed the Way Americans Spend Their Money." Fashion and travel spending had dropped to the bottom of the chart. For me, Fashion is one of the most exciting ways to make a statement. Tired of dressing in sleepwear all day, I can't help to unleash my imagination monster!

Here are my Designs (constantly updating!!!)

In Greek mythology, and later Roman

Mythology, Cyclops are giant one-eyed creatures. There are three of them: Arges, Steropes and Brontes. Given that it's Greek mythology, so they of course died by the swift hand of vengeance.

In my design, Earth herself is under the effect of COVID-19 symbolized through the sick Giants.

This is a unisex collection, however, within my drawings, binary genders are separated. I made the female silhouette have big shoulders and the male profile with huge arms.

I wanted my models to be feared and respected as a force of nature.

All three designs show an outer bone structure. It symbolizes both pandemic deaths as well as promotes keeping distance.


Isolation, I feel, is like living under a gauze where true connection is even harder to achieve than before. The headwear I chose is a simple white gauze. It enforces the sickness and beauty of the entire design.

Breathing tubes have been transformed into accessories. The US healthcare system is in such bad shape that getting a breathing machine becomes a luxury.

I used many white layers on top of black in my designs. The white symbolizes the lifeless and now colorless blood of the Earth. White paint over black leather and denim illustrates that her blood is on our hands.

From elastic to silk, wool, and leather, the mixture of materials are essential to my Design. The messiness of nature is a circle of life. The rotting leaves are the new life source of the next tree. Some times if we break one of the elements, nature will react.

The actual COVID-19 Virus inspires the color palette under the microscope, and they're... surprisingly ascetically pleasing.

When I walk out of my apartment for the first time. I had to avoid nearly everything, include eye contacts with people. The primal instinct I have as a human fear, Even the air has become a potential predator. The intenseness made me choose those colors. Wear what you fear.

The hoop skirt is an idea I got from the Victorian Era.

Firstly, it functions as a way to keep distance from others, but also, the escapism that I find from this era is deeply attractive. 'The Victorians embraced belief in fairies as a reaction to the disenchantment of the world.' says Charlotte Gere, writer, curator and nineteenth-century decorative arts specialist. What if we escape into a fairytale as well? Although it might be a darker version.

I hated the idea of all the centuries-old rules for woman's fashion. Hoop skirt, Corset, etc. However, when I look back on my Design, all the element were there.

Sometimes we need to cling to the bad and old to be able to move forward.

I hope when p

eople look at my design, they have a complex emotional response. Even feeling gross is better than feView my full presentation here::

Download PDF • 17.40MB

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